Thursday, April 23, 2015

Crepes with Nutella

There are many things the french are good at and one of them is crepes.  Truth is you don't have to fly to Paris to indulge this absolutely delightful treat.  Crispy ends and soft middle,  filled with strawberries, creamy Nutella spread and whipped cream, make a perfect combination of flavors.  You  can never have just one.  This unique recipe calls for salt instead of sugar and vanilla, adding extra flavor to the chocolaty filling.  One bite and you will go "ooh la la". 


1 1/2 cups flower

3 eggs

3 cups whole milk or 2%, room temperature 

1/2 teaspoon salt 

1 stick unsalted butter, softened 


strawberies or you may use a fruit of your choice 

whipped cream 

Directions :

In a large bowl add flower, salt, eggs and one cup of milk. Make sure the milk is room temperature. With a mixer beat flower and egg mixture at medium speed for about a minute. Slowly add the rest of the milk (2cups) while mixing. This prevents the batter from clumping. Mix until all batter is smooth and have no clumps. 

   Place a large non stick pan on a medium heat. It is very important that the temperature is not too high so the crepes won't stick to the bottom of the pan. If you feel the heat is too low in the process of making the crepes, you may increase it accordingly. For the first crape you will need half of spoon full of the soften butter. After the butter melts, distribute it eqally on the surface of the pan. Wait for the butter to start to sizzle before you put the first batch of crepe batter. With a ladel or a measuring cup pour a little less than half of a cup in the center of the pan and swirl quickly so the batter covers the entire bottom of the pan. Batter will cook as soon as it touches the pan therefore this must happen quickly. 
    Cook for about a minute. You may try shaking the pan which will help the crepe not to stick. You will know one side is ready when the batter changes color to yellow, ends will start curling up and the middle might bubble. With a small offset spatula lift the edge of the crepe, then carefully hold the edge and flip the crepe over in the pan. Cook for about another 10-20 seconds or until bottom is cooked. You will notice brown dots. 
   Repeat the same with the rest of the batter using half as much butter. This makes about twelve servings. 

   Serve with Nutella, fruit and wipped cream, honey or your favorite jam. Bon Appetit!!!! 


  1. Was craving crepes today and made these for lunch! Yes, with Nutella! They were so, so good. I love that they don't have sugar in them, so the slight saltiness compliments the sweet filling. I used salted butter and they still tasted great. Thanks for the yummy recipe!!

    1. Yey!!! Thank you for your comment. I am so glad they turned out good. These crepes are trully on my top 3 favorite deserts. And yes I love the saltiness too. So addicting! Thanks again!