Saturday, June 27, 2015

Easy Spring Table Setting

 I love springtime! The beautiful blossoms on the trees, the flowers adding color to the scenery, the flower fragrance I can smell in the air, and watching people walking all around enjoying sun's warm rays. I particularly love purple flowers, and so I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate purple for my spring table setting. This table setting is very inexpensive, and so easy. 

     Start with picking three colors that you like. Perhaps use colors that you already have in your kitchen, table napkins that you already own that are spring colors or perhaps flowers that are already growing in your backyard or your favorite flowers that you are planning on using as a center piece. In my case I went with purple, yellow and green. As you can see on the picture below I also have light and dark purples, dark and lime greens and the yellow is definitely the accent. 

For the center pieces you will need short vases or anything that is short with clear glass. They don't have to match as long as they are clear and about the same hight. I used a clear vase, a clear bottle, two wine glasses and a glass jar from a candle. I used six of them but you may use as many as you wish. Cut the flowers to fit the vases and arrange. There you go, you have simple center pieces. I had these vases for a week after the dinner and they made my kitchen smell divine. If you have a round or square table I would suggest that you use one center piece that is fuller with flowers.

You will need basic white plates and color napkins that match the centerpieces or color plates that match the centerpieces and basic white napkins. I used a plain white table runner as it made the colors of the flowers pop but you may use a different color. For example this setting I could have used a yellow or lavendar color table cloth. I picked white because you can never go wrong with white. White also gives this setting ellegance and simplicity. 

If you know me you will find that I have an eye for detail. I like cemetric things. Try to aline the plates the same distance from the edge of the table. Match the same position of the plates across the other side of the table. Repeat with the glasses, silverware and napkins. 

If you want to make it a little fancy and more personal, add name tags. These are the easiest name tags I have ever made. I used an ink stamp and then manually wrote the name of the person on the name card. You may also write something like "Happy Spring", or whatever the ocassion is. Just remember use your creativity and have fun!  

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